David bumped into Adam in a lift and that conversation was the push he needed.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:26 February 2019 

David Kennedy, 37 years old from Central Coast NSW.

How I got here.

As a young guy, I was always a good swimmer up until 18, I was doing 10 sessions a week at about 8km a session. When I started working as a plumber I found it hard to keep up competitive swimming and dropped it to only 3 sessions a week for fitness only.

I did then go back to footy with my mates and played for Milperra A grade as well as coaching a junior side, add to that OzTag 2 x a week and cricket when footy wasn’t on and I was pretty much-doing sport nearly every day of the week at a weight of around 95kg.

This went on up until my early to mid-20s. 

I moved to the central coast about 14 years ago I stopped all sports due to the extra travel for work (still working in Sydney) but I didn’t stop eating and drinking like I was still active.


"Eventually this caught up with me and I blew out to 132kg by my 36 birthday."

Getting started 

The weight loss journey started while I was on a holiday in Hawaii in October 2017 where I ran into Adam Macdougall in a lift at the apartments where we were staying. He spoke to me about his decision to stay at this particular apartment block rather than a resort due to the full kitchen which enabled him and his family to eat healthier homemade food while away.

We continued to bump into each other and he spoke to me about the man shake and how I was the perfect candidate and to be honest I was quite inspired. 

Like most men when I returned home I was full of motivation but found excuses not to start. I had my brothers birthday and thought I would start after that, then a work function interstate, then it was Christmas, then Australia Day, then my birthday and so on, each time stating “after this”. 


The pivotal moment came in October 2018 exactly 12 months after my encounter with Adam where I found myself running out of breath putting my socks on. At the time my wife and I were trying to start a family and I thought how I could have the energy to raise a child if I run out of breath putting on socks.

"I then made the call to start straight away...... no more excuses."

To date, I have lost 28kg using The Man Shake.


Why does it work?

I tried the man shake straight off the bat and found it good tasting, filling and easy to maintain. The shaker with the two holders underneath is brilliant and enables me to easily have my meal with me wherever I go..... just add water.

I am a bit of a stubborn bloke, so when I started I was very motivated to reach my goal of 100kg by my birthday. I didn’t give up all the beer and I still went out for dinner with friends often but luckily for me, my favourite meal in the world is steak and salad so even when I went out I didn’t really cheat with my food. 

After losing about 15 kg I had a lot of extra energy so I decided to start swimming again a couple of days a week. This has become very rewarding and I feel so much better within myself too. I even have a goal to swim a couple of ocean swims next summer. 



"I now feel lost if I don’t have my morning shake and feel like my day hasn’t started properly without it."
It is basically a part of my daily routine. I will definitely continue with The Man Shake as a part of my daily life as it has enabled me to maintain my weight even over the dreaded Christmas period.  

I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you just get through the first couple of weeks you will start to see results and this will keep you motivated from then on. If you can get your partner to jump on board this also helps a lot. My wife didn’t need to lose any weight but did need to eat better, now healthy eating is just the way we are..... most of the time.
A tip is to find an old shirt that you love and couldn’t bring yourself to throw away when it stopped fitting, and aim to get back into it. Little goals along the way can make a big difference. 
Can’t thank The Man Shake enough, and Adam for that short time spent chatting in the lift, it may have added a long time to my life.