Dale's journey has given him the tools to lose the gut and keep it off.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:5 December 2018 


Dale Martin, I'm 40 years old from Western Sydney. 


Why I need to change.

It's been quite a journey, I gave up smoking on the 1st of August 2016 and started eating more than my fair share of all the wrong foods to fill the void. But 12 months later I noticed I had packed on quite a bit of weight, I also come to the realization that I was no longer craving cigarettes.


Getting Started 

I reached a total of 113kg and was fighting fatigue, heartburn, sore joints, headaches, high blood pressure, and wasn't comfortable with myself anymore. I didn't want the issues that were coming at me with gaining weight, I didn't like how I wasn't happy with myself, and I like the idea of living life to the best of my ability. 

I decided to try The Man shake after my sister had suggested the product to me. I added the page on Facebook and found lots of genuine reviews that gave me enough comfort in spending my hard earned money on giving the product a go. After all, what did I have to lose, nothing more than a little weight right?


Dale lost a total of 21kg over 3 months.


Getting The Right Tools.

My choice was to purchase direct online with the offer to buy 3 get 1 free. My first delivery came with a meal plan, my shake container, and the shakes. I had never had to count calories, and nor did I know anything about it. But the meal plan with calorie counts gave me a good understanding of calories in/calories out.

"It gave me a good understanding that I didn't need a diet, but a healthy lifestyle change. "


I had quite a few people tell me that I would put all the weight back on after I stop. So I decided to go on a maintenance run over the winter period. I dropped my shake intake from 2 a day to 1 and kept count of my average calorie intake. Sure as eggs, I did not lose any weight, but neither did I gain any. 

came to an end and I got back to a calorie deficit and kept going on 1 shake a day. I chose to have my shake for lunch at work because it saves me money in having to buy lunch or the effort in having making lunch.


I've had some ups and downs with my calorie intake, but have stuck with it for the most part, and kept up with The Man Shake. 




The Road Ahead.
It's been one hell of a journey, very educational, and The Man Shake has been part of that journey from A to Z. I no longer suffer from heartburn, I don't have the constant headaches, my joints feel great, I have a steady flow of energy, I feel better about myself with regards to appearance. 
My biggest struggle was in the thing's that taste so good, but The Manshake gave me an alternative with the meal plan suggestions and it drove me to make better choices. 
Boys, it tastes great, its made easy, and it works! It's just that simple.
I will forever drink the Manshake for lunch at work, or a meal on the go. 
Nobody is going to do you, better than you.
But the Manshake will help you be the best version of you, the former you, and has your best interest at heart.