Col lost the weight and cleared the fog around his head

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:12 June 2018 

Colin - 48 - Melbourne 
Weight loss - 13kg
I started THE MAN SHAKE about 13 weeks ago and lost 13 kilos. I needed to lose weight to keep up with my two young girls aged 9 and 5.  
Before I tried all the usual binge style diets, but this is the only one that works especially considering I spent 6-7 hrs a day just driving. 
After losing the weight, I found that I have a lot more energy to be able to play with my daughters and be involved more when I'm home. Not only that but I feel like a fog has been lifted from around my head. I take medication for anxiety, and I have found that it’s a lot better now also.  
If any blokes out there are thinking about starting I’d tell them to stick at it for at least a month, and the first 7-10 days that’s when you’ll notice how much better you’ll feel, and once you see the difference, you’ll find it difficult not to continue with THE MAN SHAKE.
I would definitely recommend THE MAN SHAKE, and I have even converted a few of my mates over to it already.