Date Posted:26 May 2017 

"I would firstly like to say the BIGGEST thank you for the help and guidance your wonderful program has given it really has changed my life for good it hasn't been easy but well worth it after my achievements."

"After completing two rounds now of TMC I am happy to say I have lost 33 kilos and almost 9 inches off my waist. My starting weight was 116kg & now I'm 83kg and pant size was 38-40 (115cm to a 92cm) & now pant size is 32, I haven't seen this size since my late teens lol my age now is 37."

"I was getting bigger and bigger. I was embarrassed about my weight especially when I would I see a photo of myself or a friend or family member would comment on how big I was. I was suffering a lot of from sore back, knees and a lot of cramps in my chest area and now im glad to say they have all gone. It was my daughters second birthday and we had a kids party at a play centre and I couldn't even bend over to pick up a ball to play with her that's when my brother showed me your program which really stood out to me to follow a meal plan, 10 minutes of exercise and NO gym."

"I was skeptical at first but willing to give it a shot, so glad I did now best thing I've done in my life for myself and the family. My family are absolutely stoked on my achievements they all believed in me and pushed and supported me through it all especially my wife for preparing all the lovely food from your program. Now I'm full of energy and feel a lot better of myself I highly recommend this program to all my friends and family, in saying that I had a few mates join up and they all have done remarkable well and are happy they took your challenge."

"If I can do this challenge really anyone can it's a no excuse program to follow, eat the correct food, keep your steps up and 10 minutes a day of exercise. Being a truck driver I get up all hours of the morning 2,3,4, AM work 12+ hours and come home and do the exercises and steps, it just goes to show you if you have the determination and want to change your life GIVE IT A GO."

"So once again a very BIG thank you for really changing my life for good. Looking forward to keeping it off and maybe shred a couple more KGs. I'll be gladly doing round 3."

What an inspiring and powerful story you have Chris. Thank you so much for sharing this with us and believing in our program to help change your life for the better. Guys sign up