Brett had to lose weight with only 27% heart function

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:7 June 2018 

Brett Goodban - 44 - 

After visiting Japan with family i had contracted a viral influenza after a few days I felt very tied and started to get a bit of a cough but as a male I kept it to myself. I apparently got worse and was taken to hospital in Tokyo by ambulance it was there I would die at least 5 times
I was put ECMO heart life support and placed into a induced coma.

The next time I remember was at the prince Charles hospital in Brisbane I was told my by Dr that i was "the sickest man alive" 

 I was part of many world firsts the only person to have over 300 blood clots, the first person to be flown in a air ambulance on ECMO that had never been achieved any where in the world. I also broke the Australian record for the most amount of donated blood used in one operation they used 245 bags of blood.

After all that the fact that I am only operating at around 40% heart function so that stops me from doing any exercise in turn I put on heaps of weight around 27kg. My Dr told me i had to lose weight otherwise all the fighting i did to still be here would be for nothing.

I have been watching the footy show for years i was always interested in the man shake. It was time to do something.
So I did it I ordered it and gave myself 3 months to see if it worked AND BOOM it did 27kg just over 3 months

My cardiologist said to me two days ago that he can confirm that by loosing all that weight I have increased my life with this sick heart I have now by another 10 years minimum so I may not need a heart transplant for another 10 years

That is beyond amazing for me it's very simple, you guys have saved my life.


Well it’s life changing it’s so easy to achieve It’s our time now !!

It’s men’s time to start to lose weight look great and be around for as long as we can for our children
I had 27% heart function before I lost all that weight. I could hardly walk to the letterbox without gasping for air because my heart is so sick.

Since loosing all that weight I work full time I walk around 9km a day at work and I play rugby with my boys