Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:22 February 2017 

Here is another great story from one of our Man Shake users who needed a little push to lose a few extra kilos and look and feel great! The great thing about the Man Shake is that you might want to lose a few kilos or you might want to lose 20kgs, either way, not only will you look better but will feel better as well. Check out Brandon's story below -


"For most of last year I was stress eating quite a bit, and really just having a lot of takeaway food for lunch at work because it was hard to find the time to prepare meals and just found it easier to get a quick pizza or kebab at lunch time."


"So towards the end of last year realised I wasn't on a good path, so I made the decision to cut out all the takeaway and the advertising for the man shake just really spoke to me, in the sense that it was very direct and down to earth, and wasn't all pretentious like a lot of other brands of meal replacement shakes."


"Since then I've lost my beer gut, dropped about 10kgs and fit back into jeans that used to be too small for me, above all that I feel great and that's the best part, even got a couple of people at work doing the man shake now too!"


"I also have been using a few of Adams recipes for some great dinners too!"