Ben could barely play outside with his children, so he lost

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:19 October 2018 


Ben Antecki, 34 Western Sydney NSW


Finding Out The Hard Way

I have always struggled with weight from as far back as I can remember. I became comfortable in the lifestyle of eating what I wanted when I wanted with little to no exercise to accompany my poor eating habits.

I was struggling to play with my children in the backyard without having constant breaks. I really woke up to it when my eldest son started to point it out.
I lost my parents at a young age and I have 3 young boys and an amazing wife and I didn't want my children to experience this with me.
Getting Started
I was my biggest roadblock. 
Admitting that I do indeed have a problem and wanting to fix it. On my 34th birthday (odd age to realize this, I know), I just thought enough is enough. Time to get over this and give it a real go, time to stop making excuses. I've maintained that mentality since. I have fallen off the wagon some days,  when stress kicks in, but I always make sure to pick myself up and come back better than ever. 


I Can See The Light

After following the meal plans and exercise recommendations I have lost 31kg to date and I'm still not done. I now have the energy and drive I never had before. Best of all, I can now run around the backyard with my children without getting exhausted.

I no longer feel tired when playing with my kids. I really dawned on me just a few nights ago when I was on play equipment with my youngest son. I could climb up the rock climbing wall with him, I could slide down the slide without having to keep pushing myself. I now enjoy going on walks with the family around the local national park. Sometimes it even gets to the point where my kids are tired and I want to keep going, 5 months ago that would never have happened. I don't really crave junk food anymore.
I often completely forget I am allowed to have a cheat meal. 
The Man Shake is SO easy. I didn't feel like having the shakes disrupted my daily life at all. I could still enjoy time out with work colleagues and friends, I could still go out with my wife for dinners. 
It's accessible, tastes great and you feel full. The meal recommendations are not restrictive whatsoever.