Bailey saw the effects of unhealthy lifestyles in his job, and knew he needed a change.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:7 May 2019 

Bailey, 20, Albany WA



In high school, I played footy and basketball, and I had lots of energy and was pretty active.

When I started studying my nursing degree, however, I had no time between studying Monday to Friday and working 3 jobs to be active. Working a lot of night shifts during that time, I was always studying and working and lacking sleep, which led to weight gain.

When I finished my nursing degree and started working full time, the lack of sleep and weight gain was still very present in my life. I got to the point where I used to struggle to put my shoes on without getting short of breath or sweaty, that was definitely my wake up point.



I tried so many diets but lost interest or didn’t enjoy it. There were a few factors that lead me to my first step. The biggest one was family photos at Christmas last year, I always thought I was big but didn’t think I was ‘that’ big; when I looked at the family photos I was shocked to actually see what I looked like. That’s when I decided to take my first step.

For me, losing weight and being healthy means a lot to me, working in the health industry I see what an unhealthy lifestyle leads to on a daily basis - Uncontrolled diabetes, obesity, using breathing assisting machines for sleeping, heart disease, the list goes on. I did not want to be like that and I wanted to change that for good.

I heard of The Man Shake through a work colleague, her husband has lost lots of weight from using it and talking to her about how much energy he has and what he can eat amazed me so I had to try it!

On previous diets like Herbalife, Phatt diet and even fasting, I lost weight but I lost interest because of the restrictive eating. Seeing the recipes on what I can eat on the man shake blew my mind!

Bailey lost 12kg using The Man Shake

"I feel amazing! I’m not sick of the shakes/diet, I have energy, my clothes are too big, I can see my body change, and getting positive comments on how well I look makes you feel amazing and a sense of achievement."

My biggest roadblock was my first plateau stage, I knew it was coming and I was ready for it, I stuck to it and continued to exercise and do everything I was doing and I overcame it!

The man shake fits into my busy schedule! The recipes are so easy to follow and they taste amazing! I thought I was dreaming when I read some of the recipes!

If anyone is out there contemplating starting The Man Shake, you should definitely take the plunge and do it!!

This isn’t like any other diet out there, you eat amazing meals that you think you couldn’t even eat! You can still relax and have that bbq or couple of beers at events instead of constantly thinking ‘I can’t eat that, I can’t drink that’ because you can! And you can do it!

"You just have to believe in yourself and have motivation!"