Andrew wanted to be there for his son so he lost 17kg

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:4 February 2019 

Andrew Stark, 42, Lockyer Valley QLD

How I got here.

I was overweight, inactive and would eat massive amounts of food every day. My health and fitness suffered and I ended up on blood pressure and cholesterol and antidepressant medications and had no stamina whatsoever.

There was no significant moment that I decided to take the 1st step, it was like just a lot of little moments that added up.


"I hated how I saw myself in the mirror".


I hated how I felt physically and I felt I was letting my family down as well as myself.

Losing weight and being healthy is important to me because I have a 4yo son that I want to see grow up. The way my health was, there was more than a great chance I wouldn't be here to see that.


Getting started 

Before The Man Shake, I hadn't tried any other methods to lose weight I had seen other programs advertised but it was Adams that I took notice of and something just clicked in me and said that the program for me.

After stumbling and not completing the man challenge I signed up for twice, due to work/time constraints, I completed it 3rd time round and have been extremely happy with the results.

My biggest roadblock was me. My lack of motivation and lack of accountability, the hardest thing I had to do was get off my arse.


So far I have lost a total of 17.2kg using The Man Shake.


The Road Ahead.

Now that I have lost the weight I am definitely going to continue using The Man Shake and continue The Man Shake Challenges. I really like doing them and as I said the shakes are very easy, convenient and taste awesome as well.



My advice to anyone thinking about starting would be...Dont waste time thinking. Just do it and give it all you have.

You WILL see results fast and you WILL be happier, healthier and feel awesome within yourself when you see the transformation.