Alex knew it was time to get rid of the "Dad Bod"

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:17 October 2018 

Alex Lees, 28 Bradbury NSW
Coming To Terms
I used to be really skinny and in the past few years, I had put on a bit of weight. I've always had a poor diet being a fussy eater and would eat a lot of fatty fast foods which have caught up to me. I'm normally quite active playing sports but I've been surrounded by cultures where we drink a lot and are always around bad foods.
It was becoming evident not just to myself in front of the mirror but to my friends, family and work colleagues that I'd put on a bit of weight around the waistline and I'd developed a bit of a dad bod.
At first, I'd cop it on the chin and think it's not "that bad", people who would continuously say geez Alex you have put on some weight since I last saw you.
I then I thought it could go one of two ways; I could stay on the diet I am, bad habits not really taking care what I put into my body and watch the weight pile on OR reassess and take certain steps to control my diet and try lose the excess weight.
Getting Started
I've tried eating better in the past but could never stick to anything due to laziness and being time poor with work, kids and sporting commitments. I tried other shakes but they just had to much sugar in them and I was never full.
I don't have a great variety of foods in my diet so I struggled to get the right stuff in my body. With the poor diet came lack of energy to get out and exercise. Being time poor means I wasn't going home and cooking the right foods. I would run to the shops at lunchtime and get chicken and chips, Chinese, pies etc. 
But The Man Shake takes only 30 seconds to prepare and I'm ready to go.  I started The Man Shakes and been on my new diet for 2 months and I have managed to lose over 4.5kgs where I needed to.
The Future Is Bright
I am no big man, however, sometimes you need to wake up before it gets out of control. I look forward to sticking with the man shake, keeping the weight off and continue to feel amazing!

With the man shake, it makes it so simple; great tasting shakes which make you feel full, great guidance along the way and there is a great Man Shake facebook based community that helps guide you along the way. 
 I can run around with my kids for a lot longer, play sport for longer periods of time and not feel so worn out and lethargic.