Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:14 March 2017 

Adam has been in the Army for 26 years, but unfortunately had a very stressful posting over the last three years, which saw him burning the candle at both ends, with work and time with his two kids.

"For the last three years I was living off coffee, muesli bars and dinner. I was having a staggering 7 to 10 coffees a day. Luckily I got a new posting this year, but had realised that my 44 year old body was showing the signs of neglect and I had gained a gut."

"I wanted a to continue my Army career and I knew something had to change. My brother and sister in-law, who are also in the Army, told me all about The Man Shake and the good results they had. So 8 weeks ago I placed an order for myself and my wife."

"So far I have broken my coffee habit and I am down to three coffees a week! I have also dropped 8kg and am only 2kg from my goal weight. I now work out 3 times a week. However the most amazing transformation is the fact that I no longer snore or use my asthma medication anymore."

"My wife used to cut down trees with a chainsaw every night... Which in turn meant that her sleep was poor and she was totally sleep deprived. It added a lot of stress to our relationship, as she would in turn wake up grumpy and search for carbs to get her through the days."

"We are both so glad I placed that first order and I am very proud of what we have both achieved for ourselves and our family. I look and feel so much better, which enables me to be happier at home and focused at work."