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Ryan Overcame His Mindset And Lost 35kg


My name is Ryan, I’m 30 years old and I am from Traralgon, Victoria. I began my weight loss journey from Jan 2020 at 140kg.

I have always been a bigger guy and used food as a source of comfort. Been that way for as long as I can remember. But in 2019 I became the largest I had ever been. There wasn’t anything specific that happened that year, if anything it was a build-up over time.

Previously I had worked in a Call Centre and I hated that job. I was incredibly unhappy. This itself contributed to my weight gain with stress and being stuck at a desk (all my previous jobs I would be on my feet and moving around), however, I had made the connection that my lunch break was my way out.

For that 30 mins I could leave the cubicle and recharge, furthering my connection for using food as a comforter. To make matters worse the food I would choose would be the worst for me. Quick, fried, and greasy. Combining bad food, bad mental health, and limited/no exercise got me to the worst I have been physically.

Sadly this habit continued with me into my new job where I was much happier. This is where I knew this reliance on specific food was more than unhealthy, it was deep in me and it had to be broken.

I oddly tricked myself into a weightloss journey. I made the decision that I needed to save some coin (being fat is expensive!) so I made the decision to make some lifestyle changes. I would no longer pay for parking at work, no more purchased coffee, no soft drink, and no more take-away for lunch. Next thing my wallet was getting thinner and my waist was getting smaller!

As I began to break my bad habits and see a movement in the scales I was wondering what the next step could be. Just like the universe was listening, I began to see The Man Shake across my social media and decided “why not”. So in March I jumped on TMS website and placed my first order. Here I set up my new goal: to be Pretty For PAX.

For the last 5 years I have been in Video Game Enthusiast Press have attended PAX AUS each year as media. There are people (friends, colleagues, pr etc) at this event that I only see once a year, so I decided that when I arrived this year I would be unrecognisable. This became my significant moment. My goal. The desire to see faces drop in happy surprise.

I am a husband and a father. I need to be healthy for them. My weight and lifestyle was costing me time with them. I want to be around for them for as long as I possibly can. But it is also important for me personally. I needed this. I needed to improve my mental and physical health. They are intrinsically tied together and they were both going downhill rapidly.

Thirdly, I work in youth services. With my role I assist youth and young adults, who are facing mental health challenges or are on the Autism spectrum, in gaining social and interpersonal skills using gaming hobbies. It has become important to me that I show them that as Gamers we can be happy and healthy. We do not need to fall into stereotypical traps.

I have now lost 35kg as of 9/6/2021

Instead of me finding The Man Shake, The Man Shake sort of found me! As I began considering something to get my weight loss journey started I began to see it pop up everywhere. Social media, YouTube, websites, you name it I was seeing the Shake, Adam McDougall, and Jurd.

Additionally, I had a colleague’s husband recommend it. He was using it to help maintain his current weight and gave it a good bit of praise. However, what really sealed the deal for me was ThatFatGuy on YouTube. I stumbled across his channel while looking for reviews of TMS and his story connected with me. We had been on our journeys around a similar time frame and he was having great wins.

There has been only one other direct time that I have attempted a weightloss journey. I had previously tried the Dukan diet in my early twenties which I saw some success. Sadly within a short window of time, I was back where I began plus some. However, as I have gotten older however I have been unable to attempt it again due to health issues (IBS and intestinal issues).

Since losing weight I feel fantastic! A healthier body has helped me gain a healthier mind, that positive mind sent in turn has helped me continue to keep my body healthy.

The biggest difference has to be mindset. Never would have I ever considered going on a weightloss journey, trying exercise like DDP Yoga, seeking out healthier diet options. It literally couldn’t be more opposite of who I used to be. I have changed, I have been fixed, and I am repairing the damage.

The biggest roadblock for me was, well, me. I had bad habits that needed to be broken. Years of mistreatment and compliancy to overcome. I had to convince myself that I can do this, I am capable, and that I am worth the effort.

To be honest I haven’t overcome me completely. I still see the big dude in the mirror and some days it can be difficult to stay on the right path. But with each day I chip away at that roadblock, pushing it a little further down the path until one day it is so far from where it started that it isn’t really an issue anymore.

I work a busy day job that has me running between varying sites at different times of the day, which used to result in me buying the fastest meals I could. With The Man Shake all I require is the shaker with two shakes and a water bottle. It couldn’t be any more perfect and manageable within my schedule.

As cliché as it sounds, I recommend The Man Shake because it works. With the right headspace and supports The Man Shake delivers results. It easy and simple to understand. It doesn’t sell itself as a quick fix solution. It is a tool to help you get your body to where you want it to. Alongside minor lifestyle changes, the shakes can assist you in becoming healthier and lose that weight.

However, my journey isn’t over yet! I plan to hit the big 100kgs (40kgs total lost) if possible. I 100% plan to continue my time with The Man Shake until I hit this goal and after. Although the maintenance phase has me scared, I am confident that I will have an awesome shot at it with The Man Shake. I will likely reduce down from the two shakes to one and continue the good habits gained over my journey.

If you're thinking about starting I ask you why not! Best case scenario you lose some weight and feel awesome. Worst-case scenario you have shown that you are willing to try and make positive changes to yourself. Either way, you will come out as a winner.