Date Posted:28 November 2016 

Getting a little bit of a gut has never been easier for the modern day Aussie bloke - whether we’re being chased by donut trucks or soft-drink manufacturers our environment is more threatening to our health than ever.

While it’s crucial to move more and eat right if you want to be healthy, you need to limit other risks to your health (i.e. the things that often fly under the radar), if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

Here are the top 10 danger zones for men aiding in the unwanted beer belly! Read carefully -


When you walk into the supermarket what do you see at the front of the aisles? Nine times out of 10 it’s going to be sugar in one form or another, trying to distract you from buying real food. And then there are specials waiting in ambush too. We all love a special, but unfortunately the foods that are usually discounted are the worst ones for us - chips, cans of soft drink, etc.

To make it through your next trip to the shops safely:

  • Steer past the specials and fill your trolley with real man food. Remember, if you don’t put the crap in your house you won’t eat it!
  • Head in with a full tank. Our primal instinct is to go for sugar when we’re hungry and there’s plenty of that on offer, so don’t go shopping on an empty stomach.


Research has shown that when guys eat out with seven or more people they eat 96% more food than they normally would alone and 75% if eating with four mates. One reason for this is peer pressure - people make poorer food choices if they order after someone else who has chosen a high calorie meal. And they are more likely to order the entrée and dessert if others do too. So make sure you order first and set the tone of the meal - for your sake and your mates.


The first things to roll out at the family barbecue are the chips and lollies, then come the bread rolls and big bowls of food that you help yourself to. Research has shown that men eat 29% more food than they normally would when it’s self serve. Don’t use the excuse that you don’t want to insult your mother-in-law’s cooking - once you’ve filled up your plate, don’t go back for seconds.

Another tip is to scope out what’s on offer before you make your selection. It’s been shown that overweight people pile their plates higher than skinny people because they look at the food sequentially rather than picking their favourites first.


A lot of guys head out for a beer straight from work on an empty stomach and as we know, the sugar in a lot of alcoholic drinks (beer included) gives you a huge spike in insulin, which in turn makes you hungry. That’s why if you drink on an empty stomach you’ll be up in the kebab shop before you know it.

And remember that alcohol dehydrates you and this drives hunger. So go in prepared. Have something solid to eat before you go to the pub and then at least one glass of water for every beer. And slap a ban on the pretzels and nuts that come around. Even though nuts are good for you, you lose track of how many you’re eating at the bar and the salt drives you to drink more.


The food at the footy is crap and expensive and research has shown that sports fans tend to overeat when their team loses. Your best bet is to fill your tank before you get there or take some proper man food with you. If you do need to buy food at the footy, avoid foods that are high in refined carbohydrates and fat, the deadliest combination for men, and think meat. If you’re going to order a sausage sandwich you’re better off ordering two sausages and throwing away the bun.


Late at night the little 12 year old boy in us comes out and we get the sweet tooth. You need to shut it down and the best way you can do that is by sticking to one of the key Man Rules - if you know it’s crap, don’t keep it in your house. The other thing you can do is start chewing gum as it reduces hunger and the craving for sugar.


The most obvious danger at work is lunch and my number one rule is - take your own. You’re not only going to eat better, but you’ll save money too. Also, be aware that we tend to eat mindlessly when we’re stressed. It’s easy to mistake stress, boredom or dehydration for hunger - so stay alert to these dangers. Move around as much as possible during the day and drink plenty of water.


This is a code red danger zone and best avoided. If you have no other options and find yourself in one of these joints you need to make some life-saving decisions. First up, be mindful of sides. Don’t get the chips because you know if you order them you’re going to eat them. Focus on your main meal - think grilled, not fried, think meat first and veggies second and avoid refined carbs like white bread.


Aeroplane food is crap and it’s not hard to do better. I take my own food with me on long flights and keep some emergency supplies on hand in case of delays. The other thing I do is drink plenty of water. Flying causes dehydration which you can easily mistake for hunger, so keep up the water and avoid alcohol when you’re in the air.


The minibar is your biggest threat here - not only is it going to hurt your wallet, it’s going to hurt your waistline too. Make it a no-go area. And if you’re going to order room service, look for healthy options like meat and veggies or salad with sauce on the side. If the meal comes with chips or wedges, ask if you can have something else instead. And try to order before 10pm - nothing really good ever comes out of a hotel menu after this time!