Date Posted:16 November 2016 

THREE drinking rules to help your next night out -

As it is easy to get carried away on a night on the beers, it is easier to be the master of your alcoholic intake by having your own rules and sticking to them! We’ve come up with 2 drinking rules that you can use to make the best decisions that suit you on your next night on the beers.

  1. MAN UP AND BE YOUR OWN BOSS - You are in charge of what you drink and how much alcohol you consume. This will allow you to control your consumption and make the right choice in beer to benefit you in the long run.You can tell yourself when to start and stop.  
  2. DON’T OVER DRINK - Remember why you are going out for those few schooners, you might be celebrating a mates birthday or better yet just knocking back a few coldies at the end of the working week. But over doing it in the one night is no way to do a cheat night. Low calorie beers are the best way to go for your cheat night and no more than a couple so you don’t bust your beer gut in the long run!
  3. DON’T INDULGE IN SALTY SNACKS - If you are feeling like something salty to wash down your schooner with, don’t reach for the bag of the potato chips or salt covered nut packets. Opt for almonds instead or a healthy meal prior to stop you from snacking later on, on unhealthy foods.

Enjoy your night out and don't forget these three tips to help you the next time you have a few beers,