Date Posted:28 June 2016 


The #DADBOD has been a sensation on social media in the last year, that started with a blog piece by university student Mackenzie Pearson and was followed up by a British survey - that women are more attracted to a man with a bit of a gut.


Dadbod is, of course, what happens when a man only goes to the gym sometimes but drinks beer and eats wings way more

then that–a sturdy body with a layer of subcutaneous fat that makes it attractive to have him in your bed when it’s cold outside.

It’s the bodily realization of a soul pliable enough to be talked into ordering pizza

without any real effort because he’s not trying to cut weight or experiment with intermittent fasting.

It’s the visualization of the kind of guy who’s fun to hang out with, and who thinks you’re super fun, too.

The dad bod does not want to talk about carbs.

Studies have found men put on weight first through pregnancy and then further through fatherhood.

Most eventually form the #DADBOD, a not so toned slightly podgy body.

While the women are attracted to this body type, are you really the full package if your health is at risk.

In this week's edition of The Man Shake Video Blog, Adam explains the dangers and pitfalls of the #DADBOD.