Tradies Have Earned The Title Worst Diet In The Country

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:1 June 2018 

The Tradie Diet



A LOVE of a meat pie and iced coffee has earned tradies with the unenviable title of having the worst diets in the country.

Most of the time it's the smoko van that does it to you. If you had a choice of a ham salad roll or a meat pie, you're going to go for the meat pie every time. Being up at the crack of dawn before you start a job is not the most motivating time to make a nice lunch either.

Back in 2016, The CSIRO released The Healthy Diet Score and found construction workers had the poorest quality diets, along with the unemployed. Something to think about!

So what is the biggest roadblock? Time & Preparation.

Time is something that is precious to all of us, and we can understand why tradies forget to prepare their lunch or couldn't be bothered. Add to that the convenience of local takeaways, Smoko trucks and consuming too many liquid calories like soft drink and iced coffees over the week all that extra sugar can add up on your waistline.

All this can be turned around with the help of The Man Shake.

The Man Shake was created to help busy guys (especially tradies) to be able to have a meal on the go that gave them everything their body needed and helped them lose weight faster. Being able to make a shake in under 60 seconds and have it keep you full until the next meal is a game changer.


What a day of eating should look like for a Tradie.

  • BREAKFAST - The most important meal of the day and have something that is high protein, like eggs on wholemeal toast. 
    The Man Shake is the best option for breakfast as it gives you a massive 30 grams of protein and all the vitamins and minerals you need to kickstart your day.  
  • MORNING & AFTERNOON SMOKO - Aim to have something that is low in sugar, like a can of tuna, 30 grams of unsalted nuts, corn crackers, beef jerky (low Salt) or The Man Bar.
  • LUNCH - The best options are high in protein, the takeaway sandwich or subway 6 inch with ham and salad are good options, make sure you keep the sauces to a minimum.
    If you want a high protein lunch that is easy on the go The Man Shake is perfect for the site, all you need is a shaker and water.
  • DINNER - Lean proteins like chicken or fish are ideal, and then pile up the plate with salads or steamed veggies, frozen or fresh. For more meal ideas click HERE