5 Gifts For Dad

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:24 August 2018 

Fathers Day is just around the corner and with that Dads are starting to hear the battle cries from their lovely wives, girlfriends and partners already. "Girls are much easier to buy for than boys! Just buy us our favourite flowers, sparkly jewellery or some sexy underwear."  

Just before you get in trouble for asking "You have favourite flowers?" Subtly pass this blog to them, and this Fathers Day on Sunday the 2nd of September could be the best one yet.

BBQ - Let's start this list with a real bang! With the gift of gas and fire. Is there anything more Australian than a BBQ? Make the dad of the house will feel extra manly as they char burn large slabs of meat to perfection over a fire while drinking a couple of icy cold brews from there Eski.  

For a hipster dad, try an old fashion coal bbq with some Hickory wood chips. For extra points buy it second hand and make sure it's a little rusty. 


An Experience - How many times has dad said "I'd do that if..." or, "when I was younger I would have done that...." Why not call them out and surprise them with whatever that is? 

Skydiving, Bungie-Jumping or even hot air ballooning are fun, exhilarating experiences that you'll get to enjoy as you watching them squirm and nervously grin. Plus it'll be the gift that keeps on giving as you hear about it for rest of your life. 

On the cheaper side of things, an experience can be something as simple as a family drive to pick fruit (citrus season is upon us in some states) or daring each other to go to the beach for a swim or make a sandcastle. 

For something a little more special why not make a beautiful lunch filled with Dad's favourite food, and go for a walk in the local, national park? Fresh air will do you all good and may even see some fascinating Australian wildlife like a brightly coloured King Parrot or some fast-moving Water Dragons.


Underwear - These may be considered boring by some, or even something dads mother should give him, but think of it as a present to yourself. Aren't you sick of looking through those jocks that are so old and holey that Ned Kelly could have worn them himself? Those undies died many years ago and unfortunately for your eyes, you can see that only the skid marks are holding them together.  Yikes!

Over the years men's underwear has evolved from the tighty whitey undie to comfortable briefs that contour and even flatter his masculine mid-drift. For the active man try a brief that has a pouch for his junk like Saxx. These briefs help stop chaffing and are super comfortable. 



Beer! - How about buying your dad some good Australian made craft beer? We aren't saying there is anything wrong with XXXX or Tooheys New; they are the perfect match on a hot summers day by the pool, we are just saying how about trying something that is a little more special and has some flavour. 

Young Henrys are a bunch of good Australian lads based in Newtown Sydney that are as passionate about the brewing beer as your dad is drinking it. 

For a dad that is new to craft beer try the Newtowner. It's a smooth (almost sessionable at 4.8%) Pale Ale, made from Australian Hops that brings traditional beer and new age craft flavours together. 

For the more adventurous try Young Henrys Summer Hop Ale its perfect for a dad that knows what a hop is, just beware at 6% these little beauties can catch him out.


The Man Shake - What better present for your beloved dad than the gift of a healthy life, more energy and even weight loss? Make sure your dad is around for this fathers day and many more to come with The Man Shake. You probably know all the fantastic benefits with a massive 30 grams of protein, fibre and a Pre and Probiotic not to mention it tastes tremendous, so why not help kick-start their journey for them?

For a limited time, Adam has put together an exclusive Fathers Day Pack for you! Containing our rarely seen online Variety Pack (two of each flavour), a box of delicious Man Bars and our handy shaker.

Get in quick, as this offer is only till Sunday the 2nd of September!