Six Easy Weight Loss Tips

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:24 September 2018 

The best weight loss tips are not only the most straightforward and most practical but are the ones you can just add to your daily life.  There is no point in signing onto longterm gym memberships or buying expensive running shoes if you are never going to stick to the plan.

That's why The Man Shake is so marvellous, drink two delicious shakes a day have some healthy meals and snacks, throw in some treat meals a few beers and life can't get much easier than that! 

Here are Six Weight Loss Tips that you possibly haven't tried or even thought of. So simple they are genius.

Eat off the Kids menu
Portions sizes are getting bigger and bigger to the point where the Kids Menu isn't perhaps as small as it should be. These fun-sized kiddy meals can be the perfect size for a person on a diet (and a budget).

Drink Poo-Air (Pu-Erh)
Pu-erh is a Chinese Tea pronounced Poo-Air, that has a unique, potent mix of chemicals speed up fat burning as well as reducing stress and heavy metal consumption. 

Tip - Add some cold Pu-Erh to your The Man Shake to boost the fat-fighting properties. 

Buy Your Groceries Online
This is an excellent way to avoid the temptation of the sugar-filled isles of lollies, chocolate and fizzy drink.  The best time to order after you have eaten and your cravings are low.

Go BPA Free
We all know the benefits of water and how we need to drink 2-3 litres a day to stay hydrated, but if you are drinking your H2O from a bottle containing BPA you could be doing you more harm than good for your belly fat.

A 2011 Harvard study found that adults with the highest concentration of BPA in their urine had significantly larger waists and a 75% greater chance of being obese than those in the lowest quartile.

Look for a plastic bottle that is BPA free, also avoid plastics that have the recycle symbol 7 better still go for a container made from glass or metal.

Be The Bigger Person
Looking for motivation to move more? Try being the person to do it for others! Instead of sitting there waiting for someone to get your coffee, or leaving your shopping trolley in the middle of the carpark, get your ass moving and do it your self. All those extra steps will add up at the end of the day and burn more fat.

Put the Grocery Receipt on the fridge
Doing this will serve as a reminder of what you have and what to eat fresh before it goes off. You can even cross off what you have eaten to serve as a reminder of what you have left. 

Of course, the easiest, most effective way to lose weight is having two The Man Shake's every day. Packed with a massive 30 grams protein and a nutritious 7.5 grams of fibre per shake, The Man Shake has everything you need. 

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