Hungry on the Go?

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:13 June 2018 

Need to eat on the run but not sure what to get? The good news is that many of your traditional fast-food chains, now have healthy options on their menus so I thought it would help to give you a guide. Fast food does not need to be fat foods!

Remember the principles are simple - make sure there is a lean protein that is grilled not fried, lots of salad, minimal sauce and keep your carbs wholegrain and brown.

McDonald's - Grilled Warm Chicken Salad - Protein and Salad and just 179 calories.

KFC - So Salad and Grilled Chicken Strips - Just like the Maccas salad except if you want more chicken strips you can order extra.

SUBWAY - Now be very careful with these. They do have salad options but if you go for a roll (which is ok) make sure it is multigrain and steer clear of the sauces. Go with a good lean protein, lots of salad and maybe instead of sauce get some avocado.

KEBAB SHOP - Kebabs themselves aren't too bad for you, meat, salad and some flatbread. Where you can get unstuck is the extras such as cheese and sauces. Hummus is good for you, especially if made fresh so throw some of that on there. You can also get a "Naked" kebab which is mostly all the ingredients minus the flatbread on a plate.

MEXICAN - Now Mexican can be great for you if you make the right order. Most places like MAD Mex do a Naked burrito which consists of grilled chicken, black beans, brown rice, salad, salsa and avocado. Steer clear of the sour cream and cheese though.

THE MAN SHAKE - A bag of Man Shake Travels great, and is easy to mix-up! All you need is a shaker and some cold water from the local servo or corner store.