How To Thrive, Not Just Survive Shift Work

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:20 November 2018 

We understand it can be hard to find a perfect balance between eating, sleep and staying healthy when working Night Shift. You can end up working irregular hours and stay awake for very long periods of time, not to mention struggling to find the right foods to eat, it all seems impossible! 

Still, you have to make an effort! There's no excuse for letting your job get in the way of your health. You need to take control of your eating habits, if not for you, do it for your family.  

Here are Adam's Top Tips for losing weight and staying healthy while you are on Shift Work.

#1 - Don't Sleep On A Full Stomach
The biggest advice we can give is, don't eat your biggest meal just before you go to bed. We know its hard because you may want to join the family for dinner, but your body won't burn it all and store it as fat.

Instead, try and have your biggest meal when you're most active, probably in the middle of your shift, and then have something light to eat just before you hit the hay.

The Man Shake would be your best option as the final meal at the end of the shift. High in Protein perfect for recovering after a busy shift, low in fat and sugar to keep that tummy trim and light enough to not affect your sleep. 

#2 - Don't Be A Grazer
Part of working night shift is you can end up staying awake for long periods of time and have shifts that are only a few hours apart. We hear from some of our customers that can stay awake for up to 20 hours at a time and even longer.

When you are awake for such a long period, you can end up grazing (eating) the whole time, especially as you get tired. Your body needs time to burn what you have eaten so keep your eating window to 10 to 12 hours max.

#3 - Go For A Walk Not Sugar
It's too easy to grab a sugary drink or a chocolate bar when you're tired, however, in an hour you'll end up having a sugar crash and be more tired than before. Not to mention all that sugar will just go straight to your belly. 

Instead of being tempted by sugar try going for a walk. Studies have shown that a 10-minute walk can increase your energy for up to two hours.

#4 - Snack Smart
When you use The Man Shake we supply you with a couple of suggested Meal Plans to keep things simple. Part of these plans are what you can have for lunch and dinner but also how many snacks you can have.

These snacks are key to getting you through your day so you don't end up starving your self to blow out and eat something you shouldn't.

We have written plenty of blogs about snacking and what to eat, however, The Man Bar is one of the best options out! They are high in Protein and Fibre which will keep you fuller for longer and are super convenient when you're on the run. Leave some in the glove box in your car or desk at work and you won't stray to something sugary when the hunger hits. 

#5 - Get Off The Device
Are you struggling to get to sleep? You need to get off your cell phone a good hour or two before you go to bed. Cell phones emit blue light that stimulates the brain into thinking it's daytime (which it may be) so limiting this is your biggest goal.

You need to set up a routine that calms you down and gets you ready for sleep. Try taking a hot shower then reading a book and when you go to bed make sure the room is dark.

#6 - Be Food Wise
When you eat, try to eat smarter by eating foods that higher in Protein and Fibre. These foods will keep you fuller for longer and will help you get through your day better.  

The best and most accessible food that is high in Protein and Fibre is The Man Shake.

Tip - Keep sugary food out of the house; this will help keep the waistline smaller and help with your sleep.