How To Survive The Melbourne Cup

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:6 November 2017 

So the Melbourne Cup is here again and if you're like most blokes you'll give it a bit of a nudge tomorrow but then have to back up and go to work Thursday. So here are a few tips to have fun tomorrow with minimal damage to your body!


Eat a high protein breakfast. This cannot be overstated enough. Trust that we understand with all the excitement leading up to the races you might forget or even opt for a fast food option for breakfast, but let's be clear, the chances of you being able to collect your bet winnings after the race on an empty stomach are slim. Start your morning off with a win; try a plate of eggs, a bowl of natural yogurt or better yet a quick and easy Man Shake. 


Stay hydrated.  We understand a beer is a lot more satisfying than a bottle of water but you won’t last very long. Here is a good rule of thumb: every two beers you drink should be followed by one bottle of water. Pace yourself, give yourself the opportunity to rightfully boast in your glory after your horse wins.



This tip might seem a bit silly, but you will find when the drinks keep flowing on track, where ever you are you can simply forget to eat. With all the excitement, you need to make sure you’re eating. We're not suggesting you make a beeline to the nearest kebab shop but try to find something moderately healthy to fill up on. Alternatively prepare some snacks like nuts but no more than a handful at a time to keep up your protein and energy.

It’s better to be well fed while you drink, that is obvious.



For me, one of the best things about the races is that everyone gets dressed up.  It doesn’t matter where you are on track, people make an effort.

But year after year late in the afternoon, the lawns of Flemington can be quite a sight — ladies with their 10-inch heels in their hands, limping around with a glass of champagne in hand.

The trick is, remember you have to be in those heels all day, the higher doesn’t mean the better. Also look at the weather, it can be very unpredictable, but at least you can be prepared.

For the guys, stay away from the novelty outfits and looks.

It might sound like a good idea to paint your face blue and dress as a smurf in a suit at the start of the day, but 10 hours later the novelty will have well and truly worn off.


Now, this last tip may sting a little but you need to hear it. We can’t all win. Someone has to lose, unfortunately. In that light, if you don’t come out victorious, it’s important to be aware of what we’re calling the “Manpression”. Research has shown that when our team (or in this case horse) loses, we can fall into a temporary state of depression causing us to binge on crap food. A man who’s lost will eat 33% more fat and 18% more sugar the day after his loss ultimately deterring him from the healthy lifestyle habits he’s adopted. 


The day will be full of excitement no doubt, but don’t neglect the lifestyle or healthy changes you’ve made. It’s all about moderation.

Good luck and we hope you back a winner!