How To Stop Your Mates Derailing Your Diet

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:28 May 2018 

You need to change. You want to change. You need and want to lose some weight and get healthy. But whenever you tell your friends or family, they seem to derail you and try to make you eat or drink badly.

The problem is, you trying to get healthy makes them question themselves, and they start to wonder if they are unhealthy and do they need to lose some weight? 

Shit! They can't be fat, or can they.... well that's not for you to answer, focus on yourself.

We have all been that bastard at various times in our lives; given a friend shit for eating carrot sticks while the rest of us are smashing corn chips or when a mate wants to leave the pub so they can get up early the next day. 

"What are ya? A rabbit or something?" or "Where you going? The party hasn't even started yet!

All that banter aside; it's your time to get your life back and here are some tips on how to sidestep those diet derailers and get the results you want and deserve.

Reduce beers and be a hero
As delicious as beer maybe, it is full hollow carbs (and yes low carb beers aren't that much better for you either) and when you drink; fat filled pizza, chips, burgers will all follow. So what do you do?

Be a sober driver, 

It's so simple its genius. In Australia, you can't have any more than one or two before you run the risk of being over the limit and could lose your licence. So if you sober drive your mates to the pub and back, one they'll love you for it, and two you can stay off the beers. Just don't end up chopping back cup loads of sugar-filled fizzy drink instead throughout the evening.

Lie, Lie and then Lie some more.
The best thing about a party or social setting is most people don't remember what you said, however, the trick with any believable lie is not to be too complicated, so try and keep it to this world. Some valid options are
- Your partner made me a big meal before I came out and I couldn't eat another bite
- Or I'm saving myself for the next meal

Organise non-food events
Instead of going to the pub to watch the game you could go to the park and play a game of footy instead? 
The best bit is if you've waited a few months your new and improved skinner ass will be able to run circles around them. Winning!

Start Kick Boxing
Failing everything we suggested start up some form of martial arts then you can then kick'em to the curb because if they aren't on board with the new healthy you, bugger'em! 

Mates support mates.

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