Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:11 April 2017 

We often hear that simply deciding to make a change in your life to lose weight is a massive step in itself. Now some people may think that talking about it is different to doing it, but if you genuinely make a decision to do something about your weight, that is showing real will power, and you'll need that for the journey ahead.

When people fall off the band wagon when it comes to weight loss they have generally folded to temptation. A cheat meal, that turned into a cheat day that turned into a cheat week and so on. Your mind can play tricks on you, but don't be deterred - equally you can add some habits to your life to enable you to tackle temptation and a setback head on.

With Easter over and done with for another year, now is the time to power up and not lose your will power to move forward.

Adam gives you tips on how to power up your will power to lose weight and how to not let set backs get in the way -