How To Keep Burning Fat This Winter

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:9 May 2019 


As the weather starts cooling off, it can become increasingly difficult to keep up the progress you made in the warmer months.

Winter's a field of weight gain landmines, and exercise-inhibiting darker days and calorie-packed meals do nothing to help this.

Don't dive for the bed covers and comfort food just yet, here are some things you can do to continue burning fat in the colder months.



Hydration can often fall by the wayside in the cooler months. You may not feel thirsty throughout the day due to the cold, but it's important to keep up your water intake. 

When well hydrated, your body is much more efficient at breaking down fats and converting them to energy, helping to prevent weight gain.



In colder months, your body naturally reverts to the evolutionary process of slowing your metabolism and sleeping more. And because you sleep more, your body releases more of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, which is linked to heightened appetite. 

To combat this, you should set an alarm in the morning and get up to maximise the daylight hours available to you. 


Embrace The Cold

Yes, it's cold in the morning. Yes, you should still get up and get active.

Don't let the cold weather be your excuse to stay in bed. Bodily temperature can be regulated easier in cold weather, meaning you won't feel as puffed as quick. Coupled with this, researchers in the Netherlands have found that shivering during exercise can burn up to 5x more calories. Win!

A brisk morning walk will leave you feeling fresh and ready to combat the day!


Be Calorie Conscious

Gone are the light dishes of Summer at 7 pm with the sun still up. In the colder months, we typically look to our hearty dishes to satisfy our appetites. Unfortunately, with the more filling meals comes a lot more calories. Not only the meals, but the warm bevvies like Latte's and Hot Chocolates are packed full of sugar and calories too.

Don't become complacent in this time, choose low-calorie options like The Man Shake and avoid the sugary beverages.