How To Cure The Dreaded New Years Hangover

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:7 December 2018 

The Festive Season is well and truly underway, and what unfortunately comes with a few too many icy cold beverages is a dreaded hangover (or three). There are many theories out there to cure the hangover, such as a greasy breakfast, two paracetamol and a can of coke or just wake up and kick on with the hair of the dog (have another drink).

Thankfully, we asked our resident nutritionist the top foods you need to cure your hangover and bounce back without succumbing to your bed all day. We will warn you now; there are no Burgers on this list.

Eggs - these little protein powerhouses will have you back on our feet in no time. Packed full of amino acids and protein, eggs will help regenerate the liver and flush out the toxins caused by your drunken debauchery.

Chicken Noodle Soup - Full of amino acids, fluid and more importantly sodium which does a great job of restoring your hydration levels. A bowl of chicken noodle soup not only tastes delicious but could help alleviate that cloudy head.

Tomato on Wholemeal Toast - Tomatoes are full of antioxidants which can help with inflammation caused by alcohol and decrease that bloated feeling.

Bananas - Full of potassium which is the key to hydration! Bananas with a glass of water are probably our favourite go-to hangover cure and are much more effective than a sugar-filled bottle of Gatorade!

Oats - Oats for breakfast after a big night are high as they are slow releasing carbs and whats more a recent study from Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that eating starchy carbohydrates like oatmeal after a long night of drinking can improve mood more effectively than consuming simple sugars like a bagel