How To Avoid The Christmas Belly Blowout

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:6 December 2018 

We all love Christmas and the festive celebrations, however, we don’t enjoy the gift that Christmas leaves around our bellies! Did you know that most blokes will pile on a massive 2-5 kg over this period?

It's unsurprising that come January 90% of people's New Year's resolution is to lose weight. How many extra kilos have you piled on in the past? 

Fear not! If you follow my simple 5 tips to Avoiding A Christmas Blowout, you'll enjoy all the food you want and keep that belly at bay.

1/ Start the day right and fuel up with a The Man Shake breakfast.  Not only will it get your metabolism fired up for the eating ahead, and it'll also help with stopping overeating later on in the day.

2/ Don't fill up on boring bread and crackers; you can have all year round. Wait for the main course that is high in protein - seafood, turkey, chicken.

3/ Don’t eat while you drink. Your body will prioritise breaking down the alcohol over food, turning more of it into fat.

4/ You can still have the Pavlova! While it's not great for the belly, it is excellent for your mind to treat yourself! Studies have shown that if you treat yourself on a particular day, you won't be left wanting and go looking for more over the next days or weeks. 

5/ Christmas Day only goes for 24 hours! Remember the 12 days of Christmas was just a song.