Health Hacker - Top 5 Health Hacks To A Good Night's Sleep.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:7 November 2017 


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75% of people surveyed said they struggle to get to sleep at night, and only 12% said they woke up feeling refreshed.

The scary thing is people are confused about how many hours they actually need. 

Research suggests the hot spot is 8.36 hours but everyone is different so the ballpark is between 7 - 9 


So Here Are The Top 6 Hacks To A Good Nights Sleep.


1. Wear your sunglasses at night.

So much research is showing that blue light from mobile devices is changing our

brains, It keeps it on high alert and you can't relax.

If you have to be on your phone turn it onto night mode or limit your time after 8pm.



2. Take a Bath / Shower

A Hot bath 60 minutes before you hit the hay will have you're drifting off to sleep in no time. 

Trick your body into dropping your core body temperature. Once your body starts cooling down your body

thinks it's time to go to sleep.



3. Have a sniff..... Of Lavender

It has been proven that sprinkling your pillow with lavender has found people

fall asleep quicker than the ones that didn't have it.



4. Pencil it in


Write down your problems for the next day and the solution so you can

stop your mind from worrying about tomorrow.



5. Sleep environment 

Create the ultimate Sleep Sanctuary, Your bedroom environment is critical to a good nights sleep.

The biggest Key here is to keep all light out of your room.