Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:20 October 2016 

Here are 6 foods to help prevent, or hopefully minimize the effect of the NYE hangover this year. And guess what guys, unfortunately the dirty kebab at 2am is not the answer! So what is?


  1. EAT - so you’ve heard it before but never drink on an empty stomach. Have a decent size feed before you drink. Food breaks down alcohol and leaves fewer toxins in the body. A weird one for you all, but eating asparagus before drinking has been proven to help break down alcohol thanks to special enzymes found in it!
  2. PRICKLY PEAR TEA – research shows people who drink this tea before a drinking session experience 50% fewer hangover symptoms than people that don't.
  3. THINK CLEAR – stay hydrated when drinking by drinking water in between your grog. As one 250ml glass of wine will expel 1000ml of fluid from your body. That’s 4 times more fluid lost from drinking alcohol. Also clear alcoholic drinks like vodka and gin are better then red wine, whisky and bourbon as they are lower in fermented byproducts leaving less toxins.
  4. So the next day you’ve woken up worse for wear, don’t go for sports drinks full of preservatives and sugar that make your hangover worse like coke or gatorade – best drink = PLAIN COCONUT WATER! It's full of electrolytes to get your body going again, or simply just chug water and rehydrate.
  5. For breaky – go eggs on toast as eggs contain amino acids that will breakdown and mop up the alcohol toxins. And weirdly BURN YOUR TOAST – crispier toast is proven to aid a hangover as it contains carbon and removes impurities from the blood that alcohol leaves behind.
  6. Lastly you can’t go past a good PROTEIN SMOOTHIE to get rid of the dreaded hangover! THE MAN SHAKE is perfect to help your hangover as it's high in protein to restore your amino acid levels and help your body repair. Add a banana as this helps restore your potassium and muscle function.