Frank has dropped 2 sizes and is on track to reach his goal

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:16 April 2018 



Frank Schoenberger, 59

I have tried to lose weight several times over the years without success.

In Nov at the Doctors visit I was told that my cholesterol and blood tests were not good. In fact I was borderline diabetic and if things did not change the increase risk of Stroke or Heart attack in next 7 years was over 50%.
 So that was a real dose of reality. 
I decided to make the changes and ordered Man Shake late December and started straight away..
My starting weight was 127kg and now i'm down to 113kg. So a total of 14kg and it has remained there for 2 weeks now but I know it will drop again soon.
I have shake for breakfast and one for breakfast and lunch every other day, along with fresh salad and veg and fruit.
No processed foods and very limited red meat but fish.
I had new blood tests done 15/02 and doctor was amazed at results, ALL my blood readings now in normal range……in less than two months.
One of the biggest changes is dropping 2 shirt sizes.
This journey has just started I still have a target of 100kg to reach but am so pleased with where I am in not even 4 months.
My wife is on this journey with me on the lady shake with even better results.