Enjoy easter with chocolate and still lose weight

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:23 March 2018 


EASTER and chocolate are not generally spoken about in terms in weight loss. For most of us all diet rules fall by the wayside at this time of year as we readily overindulge in all Easter has to offer.

Imagine though if I told you that you can in fact have your Easter chocolate and still lose weight. Sound too good to be true?

Well read on.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not an occasional chocolate Easter egg or hot cross bun that generates weight gain over a short period of time. Rather it is the binge eating excessive amounts of chocolate, mega-sized choc chip Easter buns with lashings of butter and extra celebratory foods that we overeat just because it is Easter.

So if your goal is to ideally keep losing weight over the Easter holiday period, all you need to do is control your calorie intake and enjoy a controlled portion of chocolate as part of your regular daily calorie intake. Or to make it even easier, follow these simple steps.

1) Enjoy a protein rich breakfast

The Man Shake is the perfect start with 28.1grams of Protein. Because loading up with 20g of protein at breakfast on the Easter holiday days will help to control your appetite and calorie intake throughout the day. In addition keeping your calories at just 300 at breakfast will help to free some extra for a chocolate budget later in the day.

Breakfast combos that fit this description include a vegetable omelet packed with vegetables, Greek yoghurt with berries, a breakfast shake with some milk, fruit and protein powder or a small original hot cross bun with a thin spread of butter.

2) Skip the snacks

Extra holiday treats means that you do not need to eat as frequently and are much better to limit your eating occasions to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only are you likely to feel hungrier for meals and enjoy a substantial meal but it also pulls out 300-400 calories each day you can spend on your chocolate treats.

3) Think light salads for lunch

In an attempt to keep your calorie intake controlled, ideally we need at least two light 300 calorie meals per day which translates to a big salad for lunch with lean protein. Smoked salmon, prawns, tuna or chicken breast are all options that will offer 20g of filling protein at lunch with fewer calories than most popular lunch options.

4) Move your body

This goes without saying, you have more time so there is no excuse not to move more. Schedule in at least one walk each day over the Easter break or monitor your total daily steps with the goal of reaching at least 10000-12000 per day. This number of steps is roughly equal to 40-60 minutes of walking throughout the day or a 400-600 extra calorie burn per day.

5) Keep the chocolate controlled

Once you keep your calories under control for at least two meals per day, plus burnt a few extra with some light activity, you are left with 300 calories to enjoy a daily chocolate treat.

A small 100g bunny contains almost double this so the key is to keep your portions controlled. five to seven mini eggs, half a small bunny, two Cadbury Crème eggs or three to four small individual chocolates will allow you to enjoy some Easter treats, albeit portion-controlled ones, without detracting from your weight loss goals.

*Source @susiebdiet news.com.au