6 Hacks to Eating Out & Still Losing Weight

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:12 February 2019 

Have you ever walked into a restaurant reluctant because you are trying to lose weight and think the menu isn't what your gut needs? Well, guess again! Here are six tips to keep your diet on track so you and the wifey can still enjoy a meal out.

As romantic as a candlelit dinner can be, studies have found that people who ate in places that were brighter were more likely to order healthier food options than those who dined in darker restaurants.  The reason is we are more alert to what we order when the light is brighter and can order meals that are up to 39% lower in calories than if it was darker.

Although you might be starving when you sit down to eat, try and avoid the buttery bread and greasy potato chip starters. Instead look for a starter that is higher in protein like prawn cocktails or olives, this way you could consume up to 16% fewer calories.

How many times have you turned up to the restaurant starving and proceeded to eat all the buttery, greasy starters? You make bad food decisions when you're hungry, so before you head out try having a high protein snack like a Man Bar just to take the edge off that hunger.

Studies have shown when you ask for a doggy bag you are more likely to eat less; this is because you want to leave enough food for the next day to eat at home. Your thinking will be, no point in taking home a few scaps.

Yes, it is always good to begin with a salad, but a lot of restaurants tend to pile on the unhealthy creamy dressings or deep fried crispy bits. Don't fall for this greasy temptation! Opt for the green vegetable salad with a light dressing instead and start your dining experience off the light and right way.

Portions sizes are getting bigger and bigger to the point where the Kids Menu isn't perhaps as small as it should be. These fun-sized kiddy meals can be the perfect size for a person on a diet (and a budget).