Eat Breakfast Like A Bathurst Champion

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:21 November 2018 

Getting the right mix of fuel in a highly tuned V8 Supercar can make or break the win, and the same goes for the driver. Over the last ten to fifteen years food has changed dramatically for V8 Supercar driver and Bathurst winner Craig Lowndes.

These V8 Supercars aren't as easy to drive like your car parked in the driveway with its smooth turning power steering and the option of having a refreshing 18 degrees thundering from the air condition unit.

Craig needs to be physically and mentally fit to drive his purpose-built Holden Racecar during a race. Did you know his car can get up to a blazing 65 to 70 degrees and they are in it racing for 1.5 - 2 hours at a time!? And it doesn't stop there.

The Steering is two to three times heavier than the power steering in your car. The Gear Stick requires a massive 12kgs of force to pull, and they can change gear 35 times a lap! Keep in mind they can do 70 laps or more per race. Finally, the brake requires a heavy-footed 80 to 100 kgs of force everytime they use it.


So what fuels the Seven-Time V8 Supercar Bathurst Champion?

Well, the first thing Craig does when wakes up is fuel his body, not with sugar from cereals and orange juice, but instead reaches for foods high in protein and good fats. One of his favourites is smashed Avo on Toast with a secret sauce to spice things up.

Craig makes sure throughout the day that he is also giving his body enough protein and veggies to be at his best

A great way of doing this is by swapping your traditional wheat-based pasta for zucchini pasta, and the same goes for Rice, try swapping it for Cauliflower rice instead, and your waistline will thank you also.