Easy Ways To Make Takeaway Healthier

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:9 October 2019 

Sometimes getting takeaway food can be unavoidable. Special occasions arise, some days are just too busy for cooking, and sometimes it's just nice to have someone else cook for you. 

Getting takeaway doesn't have to derail your diet. There are simple things you can do to cut down the calories at even the scariest fast-food places.

Here are the easiest ways to make your takeaway meals healthier, and keep your health kick on track. 


Don't arrive starving

Just like the supermarket, you're more likely to make bad eating decisions on an empty stomach.

If you know ahead of time you're having takeout - whether it be for a special occasion or just a busy night, make sure to eat something beforehand. Having a snack high in protein and fibre an hour or two before a meal makes you less likely to overeat. 


Would you like to upsize?

This goes without saying, but Michael Scott's reaction accurately sums up the upsize dilemma.


No upsizes.


Cut back on sides

To follow on from upsizing, try cutting back on sides in general. Think of the typical sides you get: garlic bread, fries, soft drinks, spring rolls, they're all carb-filled and calorie-dense.

But there is an exception to this rule. If you can order extra veggies with your meal, do it! Veggies are a free pass (potatoes don't count though).


Choose grilled over fried

If you are grabbing burgers, fish and chips, etc., choose grilled options over fried. 

Choosing grilled over fried cuts down the calories by nearly half, so it's an easy way to make a meal much healthier.


Avoid extra sauces

We often exclude the calories in sauces from our count, but did you know that just one tablespoon of mayonnaise has nearly 100 calories in it?

That's right, sauces are full of sugar, so cutting back on sauces alone can save you a heap of calories in your meal. 


Eat slowly

Mindful eating is gaining traction of late. By eating slowly, you give more time for your stomach to tell your brain it's full, which means you'll eat less. 

Don't just devour it, slow down and enjoy the meal you're eating.


Drink healthily

By all means, have a glass or two of wine or a couple of beers if it's a special occasion, but don't just grab a can of coke with your meal for the sake of it.

Sticking to water is the easiest way to avoid calories with takeaway meals, your body will thank you.