Drunk Mice and a Hangover Cure

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:17 May 2018 

A trio of scientists in California reckons they found a cure for the dreaded Hangover while they have gotten on the beers with some mice. 

The nerdy trio found that when they injected an antidote made up of natural enzymes usually found in the liver on the unexpecting drunk mice, it helped their bodies process the alcohol faster.

This is outstanding news! Who doesn't want to be hangover free? Not to mention how talented this trio is last time we indulged in two or three too many, we could barely cook our hashbrowns in the toaster let alone solving complex chemical equations and using surgical needles. 

The treatment worked wonders, with the drunk mice decreasing their blood alcohol level by 45 percent in just four hours as compared to the mice who didn’t receive the antidote. 

The next morning the mice that didn't get the antidote and were still hungover were more cranky than normal knowing if they had an injection they could have been getting on with day instead of wasting their time in bed.

Of course! Before you get too excited and celebrate with a slab of Tooheys New remember excessive drinking is still not good for you. Moderation is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

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