Do you think Australia should have a sugar tax?

Author: Adam MacDougall   Date Posted:30 April 2018 


Did you know that Sixty percent of Australians are overweight to obese? Did you also know that health experts predict by 2025 that figure will rise to a massive 80 percent?

We hate normalising the facts at the Man Shake and don't like that people are starting to think it's normal to be overweight or obese because of the obvious dangers to there health and life expectancy. 

There is nothing normal about Australia being one of the fattest nations on Earth, and something has to change. 

If you want to change, we can help!

Australia says no to a Sugar Tax
The UK has just become the 28th country in the world to use a sugar tax on soft drinks to help curb their country's sugar-related health problems such as diabetes, and where other countries have had great success, Australia isn't looking like to follow suit. 

Sugar Seats
Surprisingly politicians on both sides of Parliment oppose a sugar tax, and the biggest reasons are potential votes.  The sugar industry is big business in Australia and politicians believe that if we hurt the industry, we'll lose jobs which in turn means they would lose their seats in Parliment.

George Christensen, an LNP backbencher, holds a seat Dawson, and he believes that what he puts in his mouth is his problem. 

"I'm a fat bloke, right? I've been fat ever since I was probably about 20, 21. I don't blame the sugar industry. I don't blame Coca-Cola. I don't blame XXXX or Bundaberg Rum.

I blame myself for putting that product down my gob. That's what caused it — me, myself and I."

How noble of George, and when he dies before he is 60 to early-onset diabetes or a heart attack do you think his family will share his sentiment? 

Hiding in plain sight
We believe it isn't George's fault or 60 percent of Australians that are overweight to obese and we take fire at the Big Food Industry, with nearly 80 percent of processed food being sold as a healthy option but still loaded in Sugar.  

If you read the ingredients list on the back of a food packet, did you know that "flavour" or "Rice syrup" are types of sugar?

We at the Man Shake endorse a Sugar Tax, but believe it shouldn't just stop on soft drinks but applied to all foods that are high in sugar. There needs to be more clarity on what is in our food and drink so we can make sound informed decisions. 

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