Breakfast Mistakes That Can Stop Your Weight-loss!

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:21 November 2018 

What gets you dreaming of the perfect breakfast?
Is it the sound of sizzling bacon or the sweet aroma of freshly-squeezed OJ, or is it the smell of a large syrupy stack of pancakes? As good as this all sounds you, unfortunately, if you want to lose weight fast you have to wake up and start your day with the right food.

The truth is most of us aren’t getting the nutrients we need every morning to blast fat all day. You can do better—and should. A high-protein breakfast like The Man Shake can lead to guaranteed long-term weight loss. Science proved it, according to the new book Zero Belly Breakfasts. Of people who’ve lost 14kg or more, 80% kept the weight off by eating a high-protein breakfast every day. (Study by The National Weight Control Registry.)

Here Are The Top 5 Mistakes You're Making At  Breakfast Time.

Not reaching for water when you first wake up affects your waistline more than you think. Your body needs water to help flush out waste and to keep your metabolism on track. Also, the lack of water leads to dehydration, which immediately impacts your ENERGY levels. Over time you will feel the need for more naps, less movement, and a bigger waistline.  

Health Hack - Grab a 500ml bottle of water and have it next to your bed and smash that before breakfast.


We all know drive-thru is not good for us, but when your tired and hungry all your logic goes out the window. Typically you will get 300 extra calories more than a breakfast you'd eat at home. Not to mention all that extra salt, sugar and trans fat you are eating, it has to go somewhere! If you are going 2 or 3 times a week it will add up very quickly by the end of the month! 

Health Hack - If you're short on time look for something that can work into your schedule like a High protein Man Shake that takes literally 30 seconds to make and keeps you full till lunch.

Just so we're crystal clear, a cup of coffee is not breakfast (you know who you are). If you want to avoid being Mr Cranky Pants, then you need energy and caffeine is not the answer. 

What is even worse is that you might stop for coffee on the way to work and low and behold the servo has the muffins, banana bread, sausage rolls, and pies right next to the coffee machine. You never stood a chance.

Health Hack - If you have to stop for coffee keep the blinkers on and hands away from high sugar foods.

Protein, Protein, Protein! We can't say it enough, but boys, if you want to lose weight and be healthier you MUST start your day with protein. It's so easy to fill up on toast, bacon & egg rolls, cereal for breakfast but the truth is Protein is a crucial factor in weight loss and building muscle (FYI muscle burns fat). It also keeps you full till lunch so you can avoid those random snacks that will undo all your good work. 

Health Hack - Eat breakfast like a king with The Man Shake - 30grams of protein to keep you full till lunch. 


Yes, we all have fond memories of Fruit Loops, Coco Pops, and Nutri-Grain but those days are long gone. You're a man now, and it's time to eat like one.

Those cereals you have such fond memories of are the reason your pants are getting bigger. Packed full of sugar, and empty carbs, they only keep you full for about 30 minutes before you sugar-crash straight into the first snack you set your sights on.

What is even worse than the clearly marked high sugar cereals are the ones who claim to be "healthy" or "Fat-free." They are the silent killers that will have you stack on the kegs faster than

Health Hack - Avoid all sugar & high carb foods in the morning. Instead, start your day with high protein breakfast like The Man Shake, scrambled eggs or greek
yogurt. By having protein for breakfast, your body will burn fat all day and keep you fuller for longer.