12 Weight Loss Tips Of Christmas

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:7 December 2018 

With the weather getting warmer and the Festive Season upon us, it's the perfect time of year to be hanging out with workmates at drunken office parties and hosting BBQ feasts with friends. Of course with that, we can already feel our belts tightening from all that extra alcohol and food.  

But fear not! I'm no Christmas Grinch and won't be telling you that you can't enjoy yourself. Here are my top tips for you to keep losing weight while enjoying yourself during this silly season.

1/ Start The Day Winning - Start every day the right way and have a The Man Shake breakfast. Not only will it get your metabolism fired up for the eating and drinking ahead, and it'll also keep you fuller for longer and help with overeating later on in the day.

2/ Use A Smaller Plate - Studies have shown that you'll eat up to 30% less when you use a smaller plate. The best bit is you'll think you're eating more when you pile it up!

3/ Drink Water - Before every meal have a glass of water; this will help you work out if your hungry or just dehydrated and either way you'll eat less.

4/ No Boring Bits - Tis the season for snacks and nibbles to be in abundance. A simple rule to follow is, don't fill up on boring snacks like bread or crackers; you can have these all year round. Instead wait for the main course that is high in protein - seafood, turkey, chicken.

5/ Tactical Snack -  To help with overeating at the next party or event eat a Man Bar before you go. Packed full of Protein this tasty little bar will make you feel like you are having a treat and not missing out. It will also help with overeating later on when the beer goggles are on full beam.

6/ Salad For The Win - When you're about to load up your plate, start with healthy salads and vegetables first, this will leave less room on the plate for the other tasty fatty foods and make you choose which ones you really want.

7/ Keep It Separate - Don’t eat while you drink alcohol. Your body will prioritise breaking down alcohol over food, turning more of it into fat.

8/ Have Seconds..... Tomorrow - To help stop you overindulging, save your second helping till the next day. This way you can spread the joy of your favourite foods over two days, as opposed to spreading your waistline.

9/ Treat Yo Self! - You can still have dessert! While it's not great for your belly, it is excellent for your mind to treat yourself! Studies have shown that if you treat yourself on a particular day, you won't be left wanting and go looking for it later on.

10/ Make A Plan - When it's dinner time don't just blindly grab a plate and start piling it sky high with all the foods on the table. Instead, step back and take a minute to work out what you want and don't want to eat. If there are foods, you don't like or need, give them a miss and if there are some unhealthy options make an effort to limit how much you have.

11/ Focus on Family and Friends - The festive season isn't just about the food, it's a time of year to celebrate all of the good things in your life, including your Friends and Family. As an idea, instead of just sitting around the table, how about play some games or even get outside for some backyard cricket?

12/ Christmas Day only goes for 24 hours! Remember the 12 days of Christmas was just a song.