Andy packed on 13kg from the sugar just trying to stay awake.

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:1 December 2017 

Hey guy's I'm Andy Hair, 42 from Geelong, Victoria

In 2016 I was struck and seriously injured by a car whilst cycling. After a couple of months my health hit a massive decline and I discovered that I had injured my liver resulting in an inability to reduce Lactic Acid from my system. I was addicted (not drug addiction) to anything that gave me energy high. Sugar, Coffee, soft drink, red bulls just to try and survive.

I was literally falling asleep all day.

It wasn’t medically diagnosed until some 4 months after the serious symptoms really set in. Throughout this time I have little memory as it was a blur and recovering as well from serious head injuries all lead to depression and chronic fatigue. 

I was always curious about Man Shake and heard about it all the time on the Radio. Whilst inactive due to health I gained about 13kg. Although not as significant as some people it was enough to see my Ironman disciplines all go backwards.

I was sluggish in the water, injury riddle in the run and zero power and speed on the bike. My confidence was down and I started to withdraw from public events. After my health finally hit a increase and I was starting to feel good I decided that the sugar had to go and it was time to take control.

No more donuts, candy bars or cokes. I went cold turkey from the start.  

Since beginning 6 weeks ago I have now lost 12kg and feel insane. Confidence is through the roof, energy is incredible, sleep patterns are consistent, moods in the household with my family is healthy and ability to focus for long period of times is back.

A general sense of wellness is created not because of the magic formula but because with the help of The Man Shake you get a chance to rid yourself of unnecessary energy boosters that were like a roller coaster. The best change overall is a levelling of my heart rate. It is not beating too fast at rest any more. Before Man Shake and with extra weight my resting heart rate was around 62BPM.

Today my resting HR is back down to 42bpm. This is quite significant and I can see how extra weight adds to stress on the heart quite significantly but also the extra sugars in the body contribute to overall energy moods that are proactive in creating restlessness on the body.

I am continuing to apply the methods of health that I have learnt from Man Shake and am mentoring a good buddy to continue to reach his goals. I talk to everyone about the product as a way to improving personal health.



We are stubborn bastards some times so apply that same stubbornness to your health.

Dictate what is going to happen. Tell your mates you are doing this and you need their help. Dont stay inside and hide away while you are trying to complete your goals just get out there and make it happen.

Weight loss is different with everyone.

I burn 3500-4000 calories a day with my job and training so my weight disappeared like a good magic trick. For you it may be longer or shorter but stick with it. Wave to the donut stand as you pass it to grab the nuts, pretend you will grab a can of coke but instead buy the water and get stuck into some awesome dinners rather than meat and chips from the pub.

Once you have your new you then you will feel 10FT tall.

With the help of Man shake I am getting the job done on health and confidence again!!!