The MAN Shake Shaker

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THE Man shake shaker
The MAN Shake Shaker is the best way to mix your MAN Shake!
Great shaker to have your shake on the run. It comes with a container on the bottom so you can have your MAN shake anytime, anywhere. Simply put your MAN shake in the container add water and shake!


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Shaker cup

By: on 10 February 2017
4 stars only problem was print sticky in direct sunlight

Man Shake Shaker

By: on 7 February 2017
Very handy to be able to take extra portions to work without taking the whole bag.

Very Good Shaker! (Only 1 Let Down)

By: on 1 February 2017
I am extremely satisfied with this shaker. I would highly recommend putting the mesh cover over the top of your water and powder as this helps to strain the mixture and stops lumping. Overall it produces a really smooth shake. The one thing I find a little annoying is that it doesn't fit in any cup holder! Something to consider for one in the future.

Great for the shake

By: on 29 January 2017
Great for the daily shake...


By: on 28 January 2017
While there may be cheaper shakers on the market, I find this one brilliant. Allows you to carry 2 meal replacements or 1 plus some snack foods. The interior strainer ensures a good mix and at the same time ensures you don't get clumps of mixture when drinking.

Pretty Good

By: on 20 January 2017
A good little shaker that works well. Only downside is the black markings are starting to rub off after only 3 weeks of use. Other than that, it mixes the product well.

Man shake shakes

By: on 14 January 2017
Good to use the reason for my purchase is the clip down lid has broken after three months use

The Man Shaker

By: on 10 January 2017
I have used other shakers and find the Man Shaker to be a far superior product. With the Man Shaker all the powder is able to be mixed thoroughly with milk or water unlike others I have used. It is very easy to drink from and consume all of the mixed product. The Man Shaker is very easy to rinse and clean; there are no small recesses for powder to become trapped. overall I am very happy with the Man Shaker and would recommend its use to my family, friends and anyone wishing to use the Man Shake system complete. Thanks.

Give it A Go!

By: on 9 January 2017
I found the Manshake - at first - not to my taste at all. Then I remembered it is not full of the usual sugar we would normally get in a typical milk shake. You WILL get used to it! I would like the flavours to come through a bit more strongly though.

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