Shawn got stuck in and lost 12kg

Author: Adam Macdougall   Date Posted:12 June 2018 

Shawn Duff - 42 
Weight loss to date - 12.2kg
I Started man shake back in March this year and to date I've lost 12.2 kgs and feel so much better for losing the weight .
Have a goal of 100 kgs so a bit to go still .
Man shakes are awesome as there so quick to whip up and keep you full long enough compared to other shakes on the market that I've tried unsuccessfully.
Have tried to diet before but it doesn't last long as it gets boring eating same foods but while on man shake I've learnt to eat healthier and I have my 'cheat day' if I didn't the shakes would again become boring and something that would be thrown in cupboard and forgotten about till next year .
After dropping some inital weight i have started exercising now, playing basketball twice a week now and do 5k runs each Saturday when I have the time . Advice for and fellas or chicks that are thinking of trying it - do it and you definitely won't regret it asking as you stick to the shakes and eat a healthier daily diet .
The biggest motivation I'll on for me was my young son who I want to more active with him once he's a bit older and helping him with sport, plus not getting any younger and it's so much harder to lose as you age .